Local Tuscaloosa businesses worked together to create a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in response to the recent police shootings.

Event organizer Tonya Perry said, ‘My husband suggested the idea of showing our appreciation and support after the shooting of the police officers in Texas. We have pondered ideas like this many many times, but we get busy and neglect to make it happen. I decided to run with the idea this time and make it happen.’

Perry said after the event, 'Today was a success!! It was an honor to shake so many officer's hands. I was humbled by hoe appreciative that they were by our efforts. It was a very rewarding day.'

Miss Teen Alabama All-Star United States Madison Benson showed up to assist Tuscaloosa Memorial and volunteers. Perry said, 'Together with the staff of TMC and an outpouring of support from people like you, we let 65 officers know that we care, support & are praying for them!'


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