In light of the recent death of country star Craig Morgan's son, Jerry, Tuscaloosa Marine Patrol Trooper Freddy Ingram called Madison and Shepherd to encourage people to only use US Coast Guard Approved PFD's.

Trooper Ingram says the first step to insure safety is to use only Type I, II, III, or Type V U. S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device.  He also insists that the PFD you choose actually fits properly especially for children. If a PFD doesn't fit, it can slide up around your neck and possibly obstruct you ability to breathe or even your ability to stay on top of the water.

Make sure the PFD is rated for your size and weight. Avoid "competition vest" as some have disclaimers stating "This is not a life jacket" and most are not US Coast Guard Approved. Why would anyone use a "competition vest"? One reason - They do not know they aren't approved. 2. They are more comfortable. Trooper Ingram says he'd rather sacrifice comfort for safety any day.

Check your personal flotation devices. They CAN save your life


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