For those who are experiencing severe allergy symptoms right now, do not immediately fear that it is COVID-19. Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it an abundance of pollen.

Accuweather has issued a Pollen Alert for the Tuscaloosa area, beginning Wednesday at 7 a.m. and expiring Thursday at midnight.

According to the alert, the predominant pollen is from elm and cedar or juniper trees, leveling at an index of 10.2. The pollen index scale ranges from zero to 12, giving this alert a very high rating.

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The report indicated that the pollen will begin to fall throughout the day Wednesday, but its density in the air is what is causing allergy issues for many West Alabama residents.

"The decrease is due to rising humidity, weak winds and expected precipitation in the morning and evening which tends to wash pollen out of the air," the report read.

With impending severe weather entering the state and the Tuscaloosa area Thursday, much of the pollen is expected to wash away. But, spring has just begun, and this will likely be the first of many high-index pollen weeks.

To see a 15-day allergy forecast for the Tuscaloosa area, click here.

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