Cannabis-based oils and products containing them are soon to be confiscated from stores in West Alabama. WVUA news reports the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force is cracking down on products containing CBD oil, stating that these products are illegal.

Police say CBD oil can only be used at the University of Alabama at Birmingham under a doctor's direction for debilitating issues like seizures--but using CBD oil for pain, depression, and anxiety is illegal.

This is just my opinion, but... I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Why not use our drug task force's time and resources to go after people selling actual drugs that harm people like heroin or cocaine? Why take away an all-natural product that doesn't even alter a person's state of mind? Why tell people facing chronic pain, anxiety, or depression that they can't have an all-natural alternative, thus forcing them to use potentially harmful pharmaceuticals?

It doesn't make sense to me. What do you think?



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