I think I appreciate this season for several reasons. 1) “We, Outside.” The pandemic truly shut down lots of action last time. 2) I’m single-single, and 3) the students are gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole vibe and energy that the University students bring to the city, but I’m enjoying the ability to maneuver without a hassle.  It’s like I’m meeting new people that live in Title Town.

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No worries, I’m eager to have my eye candy back in town, but I enjoy the break from the students. Here is my hit list of places to enjoy in Tuscaloosa before the students get back. Honestly, they will be back before you know it.

Downtown Tuscaloosa

Yes, Downtown Tuscaloosa. I’m talking about the whole thing. The shops, bars, restaurants, like serious everything is far more accessible during the summer months.


Now, I can get my watermelon milkshake without someone staring me down like I’m a narc.


Have you gone to Target lately? You can get excellent parking now. Bonus, there are not too many sorority-type girls running around with their Daddy’s credit card buying up all the pink stuff. I mean, I like pink stuff too.

Driving down McFarland

I can venture down McFarland with just a few instances of people revving their engines, texting while driving, or putting on makeup at the red light.

Jackie’s Lounge

On Thursdays, I get my Karaoke on! Most likely to be off-key, but I can get my shot.

Any workout facility

I can finally get my time on the treadmill without having to wait or give anyone the evil eye.


I can get my Caramel Macchiato or Refresher drink in record time.

Now that I have shared some of my thoughts about summer in Tuscaloosa while sippin’ out of my Yellowhammer cup. It is pretty much a given that I have zero patience. But, it’s a fact that you can have fun as local in Tuscaloosa no matter the season but especially during the summer.

Anywhere I missed, let me know. Email me your suggestions.

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