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We have been monitoring the tropical depression that has been in the Caribbean Sea. It has been upgraded from a tropical depression to a tropical storm. Currently, Tropical Storm Zeta is centered in the northwest Caribbean. Zeta is moving extremely slow towards the north.


Right now, the thought is that Zeta will strengthen as it heads towards the Gulf of Mexico. The expectation is that it could be upgraded to a hurricane before landfall. Zeta should enter the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday. As Zeta approaches the northern Gulf Coast, it could weaken some before making landfall on the northern U.S. Gulf Coast.

Landfall thoughts

The landfall expectation is for Wednesday. However, the exact location is still uncertain. Landfall could take place between the Florida Panhandle and Louisiana.

This means the Alabama coast is in the area of concern. Any shift in the storm's movement over today or tomorrow could change this information. The National Hurricane Center noted that Zeta “could bring storm surge, rainfall, and wind impacts to areas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle.”

There will be more information to come on Zeta and possible impacts to Alabama later this afternoon. - @MaryKRadio

(Source) Click here for more from the Facebook page of the National Hurricane Center.

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