Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder successfully defended his title for the fourth time on Saturday, but he left with an injury that could keep him out for an extended amount of time.

Wilder's trainer, Jay Deas, joined The Game on Tuesday to give us an update on the injury and recovery process. Listen to the video as Deas gives us the latest.

If it wasn't for Wilder depending solely on his left hand for the final four rounds, fans and television viewers might not have noticed anything wrong with the boxer. That was also the case for Wilder's corner, who didn't know about the how extensive the injuries were until after the fight.

"After he knocked Arreola down, you'll see him walk to the neutral corner and you'll see him looking at his arm," Deas told host Ryan Fowler. "I didn't know until after the fight that there was a hand injury because he kept using the right hand strategically, and it never came up until after the fight."

Early in Wilder's career, many critics pointed to his ability to go deep into fights and still be successful. The win on Saturday showed a lot of people just how resilient he is.

"I don't know that there's a tougher human being mentally or physically than Deontay. What he did was, you know after the fact when you figure out that he had a pretty severe injury to his bicep and also to his hand, for him to do what he did was remarkable."

Now it's just a waiting game for Wilder and his camp, but it looks highly unlikely that the fighter will be back in the ring again in 2016.

"It's going to take some time. We may be looking at end of the year or early next year before we're able to get back into the ring."

Listen to the entire interview in the video below. Deas provides a lot of great information about Wilder.