"Look at all the legos Tommy Paradise left on the table beside the mic today," says Wild Bill.  Tommy is filling in for Monk, who is in Memphis with our annual St Jude event this week.

"The room is filled with legos and potato chip crumbs, so we're calling him Tommy Potato Chip this week," said "The Colonel."  The Colonel battles daily with Tommy who he calls "a young whipper-snapper that drinks to much caffeine and leaves tater chips everywhere.  My first day here, I thought some raccoons had gotten in here the night before!"

Speaking of "The Colonel," rumors say the he may be getting a big promotion next week, so stayed tuned for that information coming next week.  Hmmmmm.....

"I'm a victim of bad publicity from Wild Bill AGAIN!  The pictures included on this post are not true and I refuse to answer to Tommy Potato Chip," said Tommy Paradise after seeing this story on-line.

Here's a pic of Tommy Potato Chip and the new wonderful sounding Meg Summers, now on 95.3 The Bear each morning with Steve Shannon.

Tommy P and Meg
Tommy P and Meg

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