It's been two years since we've had new music from Tim McGraw, but the singer has rectified that situation by releasing two singles from his upcoming 2019 project on Thursday (Oct. 4). In addition to the lead single, "Neon Church," McGraw shared with fans the contemplative "Thought About You."

It's not entirely clear who McGraw is singing about in the power ballad, which puts a spotlight on his earnest vocals, but it is apparent that the song is a reflection on past times. "I thought about songs that make us feel better / I thought about faith that ties it all together / I thought about fire and how we walked through it / The times I got it right and the times that I blew it," he notes in the lyrics.

McGraw hasn't given much information on when his next album will come out, but he did note in a press release that he's eager to get new music to his followers. "I love that there are no rules anymore and I can give fans more music at once," he says. "I really felt that both of these songs were ready to be heard and will absolutely give a sense of where I'm going with my next project. They're meaningful to me and show the diversity of what I've been working on musically."

McGraw's most recent project was 2017's The Rest of Our Life, which he worked on with wife Faith Hill.

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