This New Method Helps Keep Weight Off If You Dare To Try It

Quarantine has caused a lot of weight gain. I think they're calling it the "Quarantine fifteen." Whenever you do get that extra weight off of you, what will you do to keep it off? Researchers have found a new method to help keep that weight off.

According to Study Finds, researchers stumbled upon a unique way to keep that extra weight off of you after you lose weight. It may shock you, but "researchers say that taking frozen microbiome capsules created from one’s own feces after dieting may help prevent lost pounds from returning." What?!

They are basically saying that you can keep that extra weight off of you if you eat your own poop capsules. After hearing this, I have so many questions but one sticks out the most. Who even thought about eating your own poop to help keep weight off? Even after you create this wild theory in your head, what does that conversation sound like with another person? It's safe to say this is something I'd never try. I could not bring myself to eat my own poop!

Would you ever consider eating your own feces to keep off that extra weight? The feces capsules are odorless, which is a big plus. I guess the phrase "You are what you eat" takes on a different meaning now huh?

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