There's nothing quite like the love between a pet and its owner, and The Steve Shannon Morning Show and Bradberry Service Company know how hard it is on a family when their furbaby goes missing--that's why we're on the case with The Steve Shannon Morning Show Pet Patrol

The Pet Patrol needs your help to bring a pair of missing pups back home. Listener Nikki emailed us to let us know her two dogs haven't been seen since March 10th. Take a look at these two sweet dogs, Phillip and Franco.

Nikki Bridges
Nikki Bridges

Nikki says Phiilip has long hair and limbs while Franco has short hair. Phillip and Franco are both light colored and mixed breed; the dogs weigh about 60 to 65 pounds each. They're both very friendly and were last seen in the Woodland Forest Area. If you've seen Phillip or Franco, please call Nikki at (205) 657-7686.

If your pet goes missing, get the Pet Patrol on the case! Send us an email with photos and info--the address is

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