There's nothing quite like the love between a pet and its owner, and The Steve Shannon Morning Show and Bradberry Service Company know how hard it is on a family when their furbaby goes missing--that's why we're on the case with The Steve Shannon Morning Show Pet Patrol

Angel P.
Angel P.

We're using the power of the radio and internet to help reunite lost pets with their loving families. This week, we're putting out an APB for a special pup named Black Bear.

Black Bear is a 4-year-old Rottweiler mix with a black/tan coat. He was not wearing a collar at the time he went missing from his home at Aspen Village on November 30, 2016. He has not been seen since December 1, 2016.

Black Bear's owner, Angel, wrote The Steve Shannon Morning Show Pet Patrol to tell us about her missing dog. Here's her heart-wrenching email:

My dog Black Bear has been missing for exactly 8 weeks yesterday. He ran out the back door of our apartment in Aspen Village in the middle of the night on Nov 30., and based on where his brother was found, made it over 8 miles in 12 hours.

I have been posting in 7 different lost and found Facebook groups, registered with, and sent their "Amber Alert", posted on craigslist, given flyers to every shelter, clinic, groomer, sitter, and pet store I could find between Northport and Birmingham, emailed the one's without addresses, posted flyers at gas stations and post offices, and frequently check Metro and GBHS. I wish I could use EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to send a postcard to as many addresses as possible, but I don't have enough money. I have responded to found dog reports as far as Arab, AL on any chance that it could be him.

I don't know what else to do. I miss him so much. I cry every time I think about him. I spent Christmas without him and his 4th birthday. He's due now for his annual checkup, heartworm, and DHLPP vaccination.

I believe someone found him and, not thinking he might already have a home, decided to keep him. I had to speak with someone just last night who did the same thing. He found a puppy in an apartment complex with a collar, but no ID tags, and when he couldn't find the owner nearby, he told a friend she could keep it. It breaks my heart that he couldn't understand how difficult it can be for an owner to find their missing pet. He fully believed that even without notifying a shelter, posting any signs, or trying to find the owner, if the owner didn't "show up" in just a couple days, the puppy free is free to keep.

Please help me find my baby. I have attached a link to one of his "Missing" posters. His name is Black Bear. He is a Rottweiler mix. He is black/tan with a white spot on his chest. He was last weighed at around 60 lbs. He just turned 4 on New Year's Day. He was last spotted at Smiths Machine on Hwy 11 with his brother Tyson, a red-nosed pitbull who was returned home.

Have you seen Black Bear? Email us at, and we'll help bring Black Bear home!

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