There's nothing quite like the love between a pet and its owner, and The Steve Shannon Morning Show and Bradberry Service Company know how hard it is on a family when their furbaby goes missing--that's why we're on the case with The Steve Shannon Morning Show Pet Patrol

We're using the power of the radio and internet to help reunite lost pets with their loving families. This week, we're putting out an APB for a special pup named Trigger.

Facebook via Find Trigger
Facebook via Find Trigger

Trigger is a 10-month-old male Bluetick Hound. He is described as having the classic hound dog look with saggy skin around his neck, and Trigger also has a mole on his lower jaw. His family says Trigger is a very friendly dog and that he's never met a stranger.

Trigger went missing near his home in the Fosters area of Tuscaloosa County on December 22, 2016. When he was last seen by his owner; Trigger was wearing a bright yellow collar with a blue tag that displays his name and owner's phone number; he was wearing a black shock collar as well.

His family misses him terribly, and they are offering a reward for his safe return.

If you or someone you know have seen Trigger, you can reach out to his family via the special Facebook page they created in hopes of getting their beloved boy back home--the page is called 'Find Trigger;' you can check it out by clicking HERE.

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