With A-Day just about a week away, many fans are anxious to have some questions about Alabama football answered.

How will Bryce Young perform? How good is this running back room? Who’s going to step up alongside Christian Harris to lead the defense from the linebacker spot? Who will produce the most out of the talented receiving core? How will the defensive secondary perform?

One question has prevailed over them all.

How much drip will Alabama head coach Nick Saban bring into Bryant-Denny Stadium for A-Day?

Here are some of the former fits Saban has rocked:

Saban has been known to bring the heat for the end of spring football season. He said of his lively suits in 2015, "Mrs. Terry does that, I just do what she tells me."

He gets the reputation of being all-business, and people love to say “it would not be fun to play at Alabama.” Which, in a way, is a fair assumption considering business always gets done under Saban. But, at his heart, Saban is a fun, goofy grandpa at this point in his career and life. I mean, look at that salmon colored suit jacket.

Doesn’t mean he won’t still break a clipboard or two, but the players all love playing for the winningest coach in history. Julio Jones claims that Saban has gotten soft as he has aged at Alabama, and that may be true. However, it has definitely not affected his winning ways.

Whether he dresses it up or dresses it down, our fearless leader will be on the sidelines next Saturday, and that is always something to look forward to. Plus, Bryant-Denny Stadium will welcome 50% capacity!

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