Which restaurant has the best tea in T-Town?  I had a very spirited conversation (okay, it was basically a fight) with a friend about which place has the best tea in Tuscaloosa. I would like to, once and for all, set the record straight with the definitive ranking of Tuscaloosa's sweet tea.

Archibald's: Tea + Ribs = happy Meg 8/10

City Cafe: City Cafe's tea is legendary, and maaaaaaaaaan, is it sweet. I'm fairly certain this tea has an elevated viscosity due to the insane amount of sugar it contains--but I am not complaining at all. 8.5/10

Baumhower's: Dude, I don't know which brand of tea Baumhower's uses, but it is always on point. I really love eating at Baumhower's, but the problem I do have is that I drink like six liters of tea and then don't have any room left for gooey fries. 8.75/10

Holler & Dash (Peach Tea): This seasonal sweet tea is usually available in Spring and Summer, and it is so delicious that I would drive all the way to The Strip just for a glass of it. Normally flavored teas are too sweet or have a strange aftertaste, but not this peach tea. I would drink it by the keg if I could. The only reason it doesn't get a perfect score is because it's not permanently available. 9/10

Hooligan's: I am sure that when you die and go to heaven, an angel hands you a big glass of the mint tea from Hooligan's. I would physically fight someone for it.  9.75/10

Milo's: Fun fact--there is literally not a day that passes in which I do not drink Milo's tea. Granted, I buy it buy the gallon at the grocery store--but I also love getting it at the restaurant where it comes in these ginormous styrofoam chalices. 9.9/10

Taco Casa: you could put this stuff in a hummingbird feeder. It's so sweet, but HOOOO BOY, it is SO GOOD. Taco Casa also has the best ice, and you get your tea in a styrofoam cup that keeps it ice cold, even on a brutally hot Alabama afternoon. 10/10 would drink every day

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