It's the 3rd Saturday every October that brings a little extra, extra effort, extra fight and to some, extra hate.  It was a 3rd Saturday in October back in 1935 when Bama fans saw a young Paul Bryant give extra, he played a game with a broken leg.  It's Tennessee and Bama on the same field in Knoxville this year.  Neyland Stadium, the ground Doug Layton once said, "Bama should pay the property taxes" here, because we own this place.

All eyes will be on a young Hawaiian named Tua.  We'll watch every step he takes on that sprained knee, praying it's not tweaked or twisted in any way.  We'll watch Jalen trot out on the field, wondering will he be a runner, a receiver, or the winning QB that he has always been.

The Tide has rolled over the Vols 11 straight years, but we Bama fans want more...the thirst for winning is never quenched in Tuscaloosa.  The Vols have a new coach with ties to Alabama, he grew up in Alabama, coached at Alabama, and Tennessee took him from us.  It's student vs teacher again, it's Saban vs Pruitt.  The leaves in the Tennessee trees are changing colors to match their bright orange jerseys and the Vols are coming off their biggest win in years.  All that said, one thing remains the same....NO FRUIT SUCKS LIKE THE BIG ORANGE, Roll Tide! #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show

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