Preparing for emergencies is no longer limited to an episode of ‘Doomsday Preppers’. With the threat of Ebola, pandemic flu, terrorism or a widespread black-out, being prepared to be your own hero doesn't mean you're ready to be fitted for your tin hat.

Personally, I'm not looking forward to the time when Broadway Pizza is no longer an option for dinner, but a near-sighted gnat can see that the end of the world is coming. Just being real.

While most of us are familiar with basic emergency preparedness, below are ten suggestions you may not be aware of.

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    If you can’t meet the one gallon of WATER, per person, per pet, per day, storage requirements suggested by the government you can use regular household bleach to disinfect sketchy water.  Use 16 drops of regular household bleach to 1 gallon of water then let stand for 15 minutes. If you smell chlorine, your water should be safe to drink. If not, repeat the process.

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    Store emergency FOODS that are high in calories and nutrition including electrolyte drinks, ready-to-eat canned meat (I just gagged), fruits, vegetables, canned juices, powdered milk, soup, crackers, granola and trail mix.

    This is the end of the world, not an all you can eat buffet, people. Eat your beef tripe (...just gagged again) and be thankful for it.

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    Manual Can Opener

    No electricity means no electric can opener. I know...I had the same reaction but make sure you’ve got an old-school MANUAL CAN OPENER on-hand. You also might consider practicing with it a few times before the time has come to heat your dinner over the pile of refuse you're burning in the giant metal drum.

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    Drugs...Prescription Drugs

    Speak with your doctor about getting a months worth of PRESCRIPTIONS (Xanax: check!) to keep on hand for your family and your pets. Make note of the expiration date and set a reminder in your calendar before so you can use the medicine and obtain a new prescription. Don’t forget to include OTC medications to treat  fevers, allergies, stomach ailments or the diarrhea following your dinner of canned meat.

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    Purchase A REAL First-Aid Kit

    Chances are, Resinol will encounter a wound it cannot cure so buy a legit, pre-packaged FIRST-AID kit and supplement with protective masks, gloves, bandages of different sizes and a thermometer.

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    Let There Be Light

    Flashlights are great to have during an emergency...when they work. Make sure you’ve got plenty of extra BATTERIES in storage and don't wait for the last minute to add them to your stash.

    Two words: snow threat.


    That's Mah JAM

    Consider a crank-operated or solar-powered RADIO. Not only will you be able to preserve your previously purchased batteries for other things (like your flashlight), but keeping the radio running can be a family affair. One person can turn the crank while another twerks away the boredom of living off the grid.


    Snuggle In the Snuggie

    You were right. You promised us the last laugh would be yours when you purchased your Superman-themed fleece blanket with sleeves. Even though we're still laughing at you, the joke will be on us when you pull a Snuggie out of your bug-out bag while the rest of us warm our hands by the fire like puds.

    In addition to extra clothing, consider packing BLANKETS rain gear and outerwear in the event of inclement weather.


    Domino's Anyone?

    I'm not trying to scare you, but if an EMP happens, we won't be able to charge our cellphones and we'll be plunged into the Dark Ages: Part Deux! What is up with that?

    While I'm attempting to charge my iPad using a potato, you might find amusement in a deck of cards, books, magazines, and board games.

    I can already tell the apocalypse is going to SUCK.

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    Make Paper

    Storing electronic copies of important papers on a jump drive for future access is a great idea...until the Russians detonate a nuclear bomb into the atmosphere and ruin our day with an EMP attack which means we won't be able to use computers.

    However, hope is a good thing so be sure and make hard copies of your driver licenses, photo ID’s, birth certificates, deeds, and insurance policies (lol).

    Consider including pictures of each family member in the event you get separated while hiding from the hungry folks who heard you had awesome supplies and want to steal them.

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