Taylor Swift shot her Spring 2014 Keds campaign amidst a lush, green landscape, where she looked absolutely lovely, spring-ready and fashionable. She spoke about who she shares new songs with first and discussed what she thinks constitutes bravery, since that is part of the brand's theme, dubbed "Bravehearts."

In some of the BTS footage, Swift climbed trees and sat on an elephant-shaped topiary! It was a cute, odd, weird and playful set up all at once, which the singer called "a by myself garden party."

But it wasn't just about fashion or her latest line for the classic shoe brand.

Swift revealed that when she debuts a new song, the person she first plays it for is someone who will be honest, which is "terrifying," since sharing makes her vulnerable. "For me, I am really just on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what their response is," she said. Spoken like a true songwriter serious about her craft.

Swift also spoke about bravery, which her Keds campaigns promote and encourage.

"It can be as simple as saying what you mean, it can be as simple as being honest about who you are or who you love," she mused. "It doesn't have to be some courageous act where there is a movie score in the background. Bravery can happen in little tiny doses every day."

Amen to that.

Swift also suggested that "it can be brave to hold a little bit of yourself back and share with the world what you can."

While she is quite confessional in her songs, Swift does keep key details close to the vest by not sharing exactly who the songs are about, making her brave that way!

Taylor Swift is definitely emblematic of the different ways there are to be brave.

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