NASCAR just ain't the same with no fans present.  This was especially true after Sunday's race, when Harvick got out of his car to...nutin'.  I think about how the Talladega race is coming up, and the thought of having no fans there makes me kinda sad.  No fans to hang out in the infield and drink beer while standing on top of an RV, spinning in a circle to follow the cars.  No fans to shout "Dale-a-dega" as the lead car drives by.  No fans to throw beer cans against the fence when their favorite driver gets spun out by __________  (well it's really a fill in the blank deal).

Please, don't get me wrong.  I loved watching the race, and I was so thankful for some live sporting action.  WHOO HOOO!  Kevin Harvick drove out of everybody's life during the final 25 laps.  They don't call him "The Closer" for nothing, because he shut 'em down.  It's sad there were no fans present to help him celebrate the win. #WildBillShow

Jerry Markland