Texas A&M held their traditional yell practice at The Summit in Birmingham on Friday night before Saturday’s big rematch against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The spectacle did not disappoint and has already begun to go viral for some interesting entertainment.

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One of the yell leaders started off the night with what can only be assumed to be a quick series of pushups, and followed with the traditional mockery of the Aggies’ opponent for the week. That didn’t go too swimmingly either. Words seemed to be forgotten, which really takes some of the punch out of the insults.

Some Alabama fans reportedly showed up to take in the scenery, one fan even making a sign to troll the opposing Aggie fans at the practice.

The yell practice has gained recent attention this college football season after a viral clip that took place at the event before the Aggies’ upset loss against Appalachian State, where some leaders made some insensitive comments about the Mountaineers.

Nevertheless, the tradition continues on and seems to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to content that college football fans across the country can come together to make fun of.

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