Since I was 17 years old, I've been a fanboy of Steve and DC.

I followed their career as it skyrocketed in the early '90s. Whether they were on the air in New Orleans, Birmingham, St. Louis or through national syndication, I have actually laughed so hard I cried listening to them.

Let's take a look at the celebrity Rolodex:

Calling Don Shula's Steakhouse in Miami (Some folks have a lakehouse. Some folks have a beach house. Don Shula has a steakhouse)

The O' Rear sisters

Mooning Mcfarland Boulevard

The Siran Rap (Siran Stacy song )

Audience poll: 80% of Americans say this is their biggest fear.........

Caller: Yes, is the answer "MONSTERS?"

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They even phone-shammed my mother once.

"Ma'am, your cruise has been canceled. But we are going to go ahead and keep the money 'cause we already spent it...."

Steve has actually gotten me three different jobs over the years, including the job I have now holding down the midday slot on 95.3 The Bear (I think of it as the STEVE AND DC afterparty).

And, last year when I dropped my phone and broke it, DC traded in his for an upgrade and GAVE ME HIS IPHONE 11!

So, while I am proud to say that I am friends with both of them on a personal level, boy am I excited to hear them on the air again too!


Steve and DC. Mornings on 95.3 The Bear. Beginning October 4th.

Chris Stapleton @ The Oak Mountain Amphitheater


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