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We've had a very weird week of weather here in Alabama haven't we? Let's try to wrap our heads around it and recap what the heck happened, because it's making my head spin.

So starting on Monday, it rained. Which would be normal except for that temps weren't going to stay above freezing. So basically things were about to get real in Alabama. For our friends up north, we're not used to this thing called snow or ice in general. So long story short yes I beyond nervous driving to the hotel I was staying in.

Yes I stayed in a hotel because of two reasons, one I didn't know if power would go out, and two I live on a hilly road. So black ice and hilly roads go about as well together as pineapple on pizza.

It's not good in my opinion.

Regardless sleeping when you unsure of what you're going to wake up to is a scary thought. My heart went out to the people who lost power. And I hope you are safe and sound.

When I woke up the next morning, I packed up my things and stepped outside. Lo and behold it's snowing in Tuscaloosa and I just standing still with snow falling.

To say I wish I thought to take a photo of the snow is an understatement.

Now fast forward to today. It's sunny without a cloud in the sky. And on Sunday it's supposed to be 62 degrees at some point!

What's going on here Mother Nature? Are you ok? Do you need some chocolate?

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