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So talk about something that is certainly unexpected in terms of helping people who work at the Shrimp Basket, and those same employees looking to help others find a job.

Recently brought to employee's attention Tuesday according to al.com, a new program will start on May 1st with the winner possibly obtaining a new Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV. The program will run until Sept. 10. Each employee will gain entries for each 30 day period that they're working and also in good standing. If an employee helps a get a new hire to the company, they will also earn another entry for how many they bring to the restaurant. Also according to the official website for the event, the more people referred, the more entries said employee gets. The employee they bring must be still working at the Shrimp Basket at when the drawing for the entry to be viable as well.

The car's title, tax, and registration will be handled be the Shrimp Basket for the winner. If the winner is unable to get the car due to rules, they instead can get the total value of the car as a bonus on their next paycheck.

Imagine a bonus of over $22,000 on your next paystub! That would certainly almost make anybody faint!

Other items are up for grabs in the giveaway besides the car, and it definitely is something that will help both people employed and other that are looking for a job.

Hey, who can say no to possibly winning a new car?

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