Grocery giant Kroger has announced it will eliminate plastic shopping bags from its stores by 2025. How do you feel about it?

I'll be straight with you: think it's the right move.

Before you flame up my inbox, let me explain. I do reuse the plastic bags I get from grocery shopping--but not all of them. I'll stockpile them all for like six months and then end up throwing them all away--because how many plastic bags does one person need? I mean, dang. I use maybe two a week as small wastebasket liners for our bathrooms, but that's about it.

Plastic bags are just such a waste.

I started using reusable bags when my family began shopping at Aldi and Trader Joe's, and it's just so much EASIER, y'all. I have some really large insulated totes I got at Whole Foods in Mountain Brook, and OMG. Those bad boys have changed my life. Not only do they keep the cold stuff cold, but you can fit SO MUCH stuff inside of them. It's way less hassle to carry two big bags than to have to struggle with 20 little plastic bags.

And those are just my selfish reasons for hating plastic shopping bags. I haven't even started on how bad the 300+ BILLION bags we use every year are for the environment.

I get that some people are frustrated about the change, but... get over it. Times change. I'm sure the old folks were ticked when phones switched from rotary to dial... but come on. It's 2018. I mean, do you even know anyone with a landline anymore?

I hope all stores follow Kroger in eliminating plastic shopping bags. What do you think?

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