A high speed police chase occurred in downtown Aliceville, AL today just before 12noon at the intersection of Columbus Road & 3rd Ave near Piggly Wiggly. The chase ended off Highway 17 next to Spiller Furniture as police fired into a car in an attempt to stop the stolen vehicle before it entered downtown traffic.

Eyewitness reports say "the car was traveling on it's rims" and an elderly man was taken into custody. According to Don Hartley, "police discovered a body inside the car and it's not believed to be related to the officers shooting."

The investigation continues at 3 different crime scenes in Pickens County. No police officers were injured and Captain Ray confirms 1 dead, 1 injured as of this update on 7/19/19. #953TheBear #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show

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