The Crimson Tide Cruise is headed to Cozumel and the Yucatan February 10 through 15, 2020--and I want you to join me for the fun! I was fortunate enough to be a part of the first-ever Crimson Tide Cruise, and I can tell you, without the slightest hint of hesitation, that it was THE BEST vacation I have ever had. It was my first cruise, first trip to Mexico, and my first time hanging out with Eli Gold and Alabama football legends like Kenyan Drake, Prince Wembley, and Jonathan Allen.

Chris Bradshaw

I'm so stoked for this year's cruise. We're leaving from New Orleans, and this year's boat is bigger and better--it's the Carnival Valor. We're also headed to Cozumel AND the Yucatan. I've never been to the Yucatan, but last year's trip to Cozumel was SO GREAT. All those photos you see of the turquoise water? It really looks like that in person.

meg summers/tsm

The Crimson Tide Cruise is so awesome because you're basically on a floating Bryant-Denny for five days. You get to attend exclusive events with Alabama players like Eddie Lacy, Ryan Anderson, D'onta Hightower, Martin Houston, Josh Jacobs, Christian Miller, Andrew Zow, and so many more... and it's not like you're just on the boat with them, you get to hang out at Cornhole Tournaments, game nights, and theme dinners.

meg summers/tsm

I was honored to host the HUGE Pep Rally on board once the ship set sail. It was so cool to meet these Bama legends face-to-face and to see how hype my fellow Bama fans were. Whatever you do, you've got to go on the next cruise!

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