Nashville’s cast will soon have two new faces: Rachel Bilson and Kaitlin Doubleday. The show recently announced the women will be joining after its mid-season break.

After the mid-season finale March 9, both actresses posted photos sharing their excitement about the new gig. Bilson shared a shot of the fictional Highway 65 record label’s door with the caption, “Music City, here I come.”

Doubleday posted a photo of the awning at Bluebird Cafe, noting the role would “definitely be a change of pace!”

The two are no strangers to the small screen. Bilson appeared recently on the show Hart of Dixie as Zoe Hart, and many know her from her role on The O.C., on which Nashville star Chris Carmack also appeared. Doubleday is known by many for her character Rhonda Lyon on Empire, but she also appeared in her first film, Catch Me If You Can, at the age of 17.

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“We welcome Rachel and Kaitlin into our incredibly talented ensemble,” says Marshall Herskovitz, Nashville‘s executive producer and showrunner (quote via CMT). “We fondly anticipate the second half of the season, filled with surprising twists and turns that make Nashville so beloved by the fans.”

The show has certainly had its ups and downs, being canceled after its fourth season on ABC, then picked back up by CMT for a fifth. The stars, though, have said they enjoy the new vibe at CMT and the opportunities it affords. Connie Britton has finished her run on the show — her character experiencing a much-talked-about exit recently — but the rest of the original cast remains intact. The first half of Season 5 ended on a shocking cliffhanger when Scarlett dropped a bomb on Gunnar by revealing that she’s pregnant — and is not sure who the father is.

Catch Bilson and Doubleday on Nashville when it returns in a couple of months. The exact date is to be announced.

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