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Roads in Alabama are generally...bumpy at best we'll say. But the other day I had an experience that no person ever wants to have in their life.

Picture this, you're driving down the road going to visit a friend's place. It's not late, but it feels later because daylight savings is over haha! Suddenly, without seeing it, you hit something on the road. After a few seconds, you hear a weird noise coming from your car. Nothing is wrong, at least you think, but you pull just to double check. Turns out a screw popped off something on your car. After making sure nothing is seemingly damaged, you don't have many options.

Now you don't know what to do but besides drive carefully.

Yes, that happened to me. Thankfully, my car was ok, and the screw was easily replaced. But for a few days there, I thought my car could be needing some type of repair. And we all hate having to pay for things that we can't control.

So this is a call out to everyone who drives in any county in any part of Alabama...


Otherwise you could cause problems for somebody else! This definitely includes random trash I see people throw out their windows. Once while I was on the highway I almost hit a dang piece of furniture!

So long story short, we have all got to be nicer to each other in person and in our cars. Because blocking roads with anything is sure to cause road rage!

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