My wife asked me to build her a pot holder hanger. She'd seen one on Pinterest. I was skeptical I could pull it off.

She had 3 old spoons to work with. I used a an old pallet board and a can of spray paint. All laying around in my shed.

I started with the pallet board. I used some old picture hanger brackets and brad nailed them, evenly spaced, to the back of the board. I flipped it over and lightly spray painted the front side.

I pounded the spoons flat with a hammer, drilled two pilot holes in each spoon then used some old wood screws I'd salvaged from a set of cabinet doors years ago to fasten the spoons to the spray painted pallet board. I bent the spoons into a hook shape and was done.

The entire project took about 30 mins. I think it turned out pretty good and will hold my wife's Halloween pot holders just fine.




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