Some call him "The Northwood Lake Creeper" and many residents are on the lookout for an unknown man that has been hiding in bushes of Northport's largest subdivision.

There have been several reports of unlocked cars being targeted in the wee hours of the morning, and "The Northwood Lake Creeper" running thru yards as he escapes.  Eye-witness accounts of mischief on Mayberry Landing, Northwood Lake Dr, and Union Chapel road have been reported since early July.

The creeper has been seen on video and is believed to be a white male, about 5'7" and wears very dark clothing, and creeps in a hoodie.  The creeper is known to wear a mask and flip off cameras as the coward confidently strides thru peoples yards.

It's believed he may be working with someone that drives an older white Nissan Maxima or Sentra.  Northport Police recommend Northwood Lake residents to lock their cars and homes at night and watch for suspicious activity.  #WildBillShow #DonHartley

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