Donna Aaron has announced she will not seek re-election as mayor of Northport.  In an interview on Facebook with the trusted Northport Gazette Aaron said, "I told my family ‘one and done’ and I had thought about running again, but I had remembered that promise to them and had a very dear friend that had reminded me of that,I just felt that it was necessary that I step down.”

Bobby Herndon, a former mayor in Northport for 8 years certainly wants the job again.  Let's remember Herndon lost the election in a 2016 run-off by less than 30 votes and many residents called it an upset due to low voter turnout.  It's been well documented that Northport's main gig is a part time job with little pay.  Many cities much smaller than Northport offer a full time position, a car, and more perks.  I spoke with Bobby Herndon today and he said, "It's not about the money to me, it's about helping Northport and serving the people." #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show