I am moving this weekend, and I am so excited I can barely contain myself. The place to which we're moving is so awesome and NEW and nice. It's going to be a refreshing change, but I'll be honest-- it's much harder than I thought it would be.

I've been packing boxes all week. It's such a tedious chore. I have to go through what feels like sixteen metric butt tons of junk and crap and trash that we've managed to accumulate over the past seven years. It's crazy!

I've lived in my old house longer than any other place in which I've lived. I've made so many memories there. My husband and I turned this little rental house into our home. We started our family there. I get emotional just thinking about bringing my daughter home from the hospital... decorating for the holidays... watching my daughter open her presents from Santa Claus...

I know we'll make plenty of great memories in our new place. I am looking forward to it, and it's such an exciting time. I'd write more, but I've still got packing to do. Y'all send help!

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