There is never a shortage of polls & quizzes to keep you entertained each time you log into Facebook. This morning, one of them helped me learn who my soul mates are.

First off, I don't think any website or app could tell you who your soul mate is. It may be able to "match" you using certain criteria just like dating apps do, but can not accurately determine a feeling of natural affinity between two human beings.

I do however, think this site got close in finding like-minded friends to match me with.

Match #1, my friend Soapy Jones. She's the owner of Left Hand Soap Company and a person I instantly had a connection with when we first met. We've never known an uncomfortable silence between the two of us. I'd say this was a good soul mate match.


The caption under your picture reads, "According to our analysis of your Facebook profile, (Insert person's name) is your true soulmate ! You share a lot with this person and he/she definitely has a very high opinion of you and you two get along very well."

After you've been given your soul mate match, the site allows you to share the findings on Facebook or you can "try again." So I did and match #2 was my friend Anna Arsenault. She's an obstacle course racer, the founder of MomStrong and my yoga teacher. I felt this match, although it wasn't the first pick, was perfect because she's one of the most inspiring people I know. I've always instantly connected with people like Anna.


I hit "try again" for a third time and was given my step-mother as match. You get the picture. Whether it's an exact science or not, it's fun and a perfect way to waste a few minutes while on Facebook.