Daniell Rider of Killeen, TX took to her Facebook page to register a complaint against décor found in a local Hobby Lobby.

Rider posted a picture showing branches with cotton bolls on them in a jar. The social media outcry went viral. At the time of this post, her Facebook stance had nearly 16,000 shares and over 170,000 comments.

Replying to Rider's post, Terri Durand said, "Back in the day BEFORE combines....there were many different ethnicities picking cotton. Not all were slaves. My grandparents were sharecroppers and they picked cotton, their children picked cotton, and when finished they helped their neighbors pick cotton. Get the facts straight!" 

Alesha Field chimed in saying, "Are you being for real... check your closet my dear... how many shirts do you have that are made of cotton... go on, go check, I'll wait."

The comments seem endless as does the passion surrounding this controversy. Check out the post for yourself and let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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