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George Jones lived past 1963 because he ate Patsy Cline’s fried chicken. What?!

Hand holding Fried chicken and eating in the restaurant

George was performing with then superstar Patsy Cline in 1963. Patsy always insisted on a plate of fresh fried chicken after a concert. It was always prepared for her & waiting backstage.

Pasty Cline Crazy
Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Well George Jones devoured the entire plate of fried chicken while Patsy was performing on stage.

She was furious. Patsy reportedly knew every cuss word ever created. She used them all on George. Jones just stood there grinning, according to George’s wife Nancy in her book about George.


Two days later when everyone was flying back to Nashville, Patsy was still pissed with George Jones. She refused to let George Jones on the plane. And they left without him.

Tragedy occurred on that flight home. That plane crashed 100 miles west of Nashville, killing Patsy Cline and everyone on board.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

So, George Jones ate Patsy Cline’s fried chicken dinner and it saved his life.

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