Lucas Hoge's single "Dirty South" is a far cry from the music that Hoge started out making: The singer-songwriter began his career playing music at his local church, then joined a Christian band, Xtreme Devotion. Hoge has also penned songs for TV shows and movies, including Smallville and a series on Animal Planet, but no matter where his music has led him, he's maintained a love of songwriting.

In "Dirty South," Hoge sings, "Baby, let's take it slow, like sippin' good whiskey / Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about / I think that muddy water is telling me / To wiggle you out of your blue jeans / So we can take a dip, for a little bit." Below, he tells The Boot the story behind the song.

My buddy Jack Williams and Troy Johnson co-wrote it with me. Jack used to write some stuff for the Who, back in the day; now, he owns an organic farm across from [Nashville's] Loveless Cafe -- organic beef and chicken and milk and all that stuff. We were sitting up there in his little farmhouse -- my buddy Troy is back in the corner, kind of grooving on this thing.

I’m like, "That’s sexy and dirty all at the same time." So, I sat down, and we wrote “Dirty South.” It’s just about this guy and this girl who’s having a good time underneath a magnolia tree, a little skinny-dipping with it.

My goals are to actually take this next song, "Dirty South," and turn it into a smash. I really think that people are going to love it, and I hope that it reacts the way I think it’s going to react.

Listen to Lucas Hoge, "Dirty South"

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