The Steve Shannon Morning Show premiered a special new feature this morning: Story Time with Governor Kay Ivey!

"Governor Ivey" read her new children's book, Good Night, Montgomery, on the show today. If you missed it, I've got you covered. Here's a little peek at the text of this hot new book release:

Good night, Beckah
Good night, Bentley
Good night taxing y’all’s paycheck gently
Good night, Senate
Good night, House
Good night, cheating former governor louse
Good night, Montgomery
And I say, son
Good night, paycheck for Jon Mason
Good night, pre-paid affordable tuition program ‘cause I bankrupted that years ago but we ain’t talkin’ about that now, this here is a children’s book, see?
Also: good night raises for state employees
Good night, reporters here for Bentley news
On the way out, y’all pass the booze
Good night, news of their affair on repeat
Good night to ol’ Luther’s senate seat
Good night, Robert with no hair
Good night, noises everywhere

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