The University of Alabama is in good company with Duke, Arkansas and Georgia on a list of 11 Best College-Town Breweries in America.

Representing Tuscaloosa is Druid City Brewing Company although the honor didn't come easy as there were two rules that eliminated some breweries and even some college towns. They stated that the breweries had to be in their original location and college towns that are known as beer destinations (Ashville, Burlington, etc) were eliminated.

Luckily for Druid City Brewing, they still occupy their original space and the craft beer scene in Tuscaloosa, although growing and vibrant, is not on the level to be a destination for beer lovers yet.

Created by, the list said of Druid City,

At a mere four years old, Druid City's Tuscaloosa's oldest craft brewery… which is to say, the scene's not exactly old. But now that the brewery's lasted a generation of students, we can safely say the tide is rolling in favor of craft beer, and Druid City’s on point with solid go-tos like the simple hop-forward Pale and the tropically inclined Lamplighter IPA, plus more advanced/strong offerings like the 9.2% Riverside Saison and a beefy 9.1% Downtown North Porter. The place is nice and simple -- it's a tiny taproom that looks like it could double as a counter-service pizza place -- but that homeyness is part of the charm here, a place where craft beer leaves behind its snootiness in favor of great flavors and cornhole on the patio.

Congrats to DCBC and thanks for helping carry the Tuscaloosa torch into craft beer history.

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