Lanco have much to celebrate this year, including their first No. 1 single, "Greatest Love Story" — and next year is shaping up to be a good one, too. The group have announced their debut album, Hallelujah Nights, expected on Jan. 19.

Lead singer Brandon Lancaster penned all eleven songs on the project, which was produced by Jay Joyce. Fans can pre-order the album beginning on Nov. 27 via Sony Nashville and on Dec. 1 at all retail outlets.

Earlier this year, Lancaster shared the story behind "Greatest Love Story" with Taste of Country. As he explained, the song came from a place where two people needed to go off on their own paths separately before they realized that what they truly needed was each other.

“We’ve all been in relationships and we’ve all been through those experiences where you’re with someone and then you spend some time apart,” Lancaster tells Taste of Country. “This specific song for me, it all started out with the first few lines of the song (‘They said I was nothing but a troublemaker / Never up to no good / You were the perfect all American girl / Wouldn’t touch me even if you could’). … It’s a story of two people getting together and then separating and then realizing through that separation that what they needed in life was each other.”

"Greatest Love Story" is included on the bands's upcoming album. A complete track listing for Hallelujah Nights is below.

Lanco's Hallelujah Nights Track Listing:

1. "Born to Love You" (Brandon Lancaster/Ross Copperman/Ashley Gorley/Josh Osborne)
2. "Long Live Tonight" (Brandon Lancaster/Jason Reeves)
3. "Pick You Up" (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman/Ben West)
4. "Greatest Love Story" (Brandon Lancaster)
5. "We Do" (Brandon Lancaster)
6. "Trouble Maker" (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)
7. "Singin' at the Stars" (Brandon Lancaster/Jeremy Spillman)
8. "Win You Over" (Brandon Lancaster)
9. "So Long (I Do)" (Brandon Lancaster/Melissa Fuller/Jay Joyce)
10. "Middle of the Night" (Brandon Lancaster)
11. "Hallelujah Nights" (Brandon Lancaster/Jay Joyce/Jeremy Spillman)

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