It was a long road to Heart Break for Lady Antebellum. The group's first new album in three new years came after a few starts and stops and a trip out west.

The trio learned they needed to get out of Nashville to succeed. They wrote and cut a few songs in town, but Charles Kelley says they weren't pushing themselves.

“There was this time right after the summer where I just hopped on the bus with Dave and Hil and said ‘This isn’t right, y’all,'" Kelley says as his Lady A bandmates look on in agreement. "We’re not there. We haven’t found it.”

Haywood suggested moving out for a little while, so they did. The trio first spent a week writing in Florida and then headed to California. There was only one day off — not that anyone wanted one.

“(We) Went to LA and lived in a house together in Hollywood, cooking and hanging out, laughing and drinking all day and having a good time and making music, and that’s the way we started 10 years ago,” Haywood explains. There were no babies to wash or household chores to worry about, and that meant everything. Kelley says as soon as they got out of Tennessee, the songs came pouring out. The title track of Heart Break is their "hero song," the song they built the rest of the album around.

Hillary Scott adds that the feeling is similar to what they experienced a decade ago — with one major difference. "I think one beautiful thing about getting older is you do get more confident in your own skin," she says. "So I'd say more confident, but just as excited for sure — if not more so."

Heart Break, Lady A's sixth studio album, drops on June 9. The first single is "You Look Good." During the same interview, the 2017 WE Fest headliners revealed another artist had eyes for this song:

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