I noticed Kimberly was concentrating pretty hard this morning flipping pages and typing. I asked her what she was so in to...I was genuinely surprised when she responded, "Planning my suppers this week".

I wanted to poke fun, to criticize, but when she showed me the meal calendar and the numerous Slow-Cooker recipes, I was in a trance. All these things in a neat three ring binder. This is what my wife and I have talked about doing for ourselves. Planned meals, once per week to the grocery store. With both of us working, it is tough to get things like this together along with the 1000 other things that take up time in our day.

Kimberly used the site passionatepennypincher.com.

Not only are there lots of easy things to cook, they won't break the bank! She printed me a blank calendar for November. Randi and I are gonna give it a go. If we can limit our trips to the grocery store to just once per week, that will change my life! I'd rather be beaten with a wet rope that go to the grocery store.

How do you plan your meals for the week?

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