The weather was beautiful this evening. I relaxed in the back yard with my 3 year old, Brody. I watched him from my Alabama folding chair play with his Tonka truck. He gathered some clover and piled up dirt to make a load. Then he would push the truck to the "big rock" in the yard and dump it. This went on for a while. Brody was as content as he could be.

His little hands very filthy, his clothes were covered in dirt and dust and he kept a smile on his face the entire time. Every now and then he would stop to make sure I was watching him and ask  " See my pile Daddy? It is so bigger and bigger!".

I was watching, but I wasn't thinking about the simple things like he was. I was thinking how these little moments we get to spend with our kids should never be taken for granted and how he will be asking me to borrow the car before I know it.

Brody will be 4 in April. They grow up fast. Watch them haul dirt with their Tonka truck while you can.


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