During The Voice's 15th season, Keith Urban will serve as the Battle Rounds advisor for judge and fellow country superstar Blake Shelton's team of contestants. Urban says that among the many perks of filming his portion of the show was a chance to get to know Shelton a little bit better; as it turns out, the two country stars didn't really know each other all that well prior to teaming up for The Voice.

"I like Blake a lot. I like him even more after spending a whole day with him and getting to know him," Urban explained to The Boot and other media a couple of weeks after taping. "I realized I didn't know him that well. I've never really spent any time with him, so I really enjoyed it."

Participating in The Voice was not an entirely fresh venture for Urban: He previously served as judge for one season of the show's Australian iteration, but announced in September of 2012 that he did not plan to return, opting instead to take a place on the judging panel for American Idol. However, Urban says he was excited to return to The Voice's format in his new role.

"I had a blast doing it. I love that side of it," he goes on to say. "I love being able to try and offer advice, feedback, insight, guidance -- anything I can to those guys and girls who haven't had that opportunity, and haven't been around people who can give them specific help."

The Voice will return on Sept. 24 on NBC. The show will feature returning judges Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine, as well as Jennifer Hudson, who coached in the show's 13th season.

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