Keith Urban is highlighting the amazing talent of Lindsay Richardson and Lyle Beniga in the dancers version of "The Fighter" video.

The original video features Richardson and Beniga dancing in various locations in between shots of Urban and duet partner Carrie Underwood singing the song, but the new edition shines the spotlight solely on the dancers themselves.

Showing off their impressive moves, the two young dancers demonstrate their breakdancing style, with both Richardson and Beniga choreographing their own steps for the video. Urban worked with director John Urbano on the video for "The Fighter."

“John said, ‘I know this girl who dances, sort of street dancing; I don’t even know what it is,’” Urban explains in a press release. “But it was so good, and John said, ‘Listen to the song and watch her dance at the same time,’ and they just went together so incredibly well that we decided to put out a full ‘dancers’ version.'”

Urban wrote the song for wife and acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman, recalling moments at the start of their relationship as inspiration for "The Fighter."

"I literally thought about Nic and I and our relationship in the beginning," the singer shares (quote via the Boot). "And some of the things we had said all went into that song. It’s a song about helping to heal and protect someone you love. It’s a song about reassurance that you’ll always be there to take the blows the world can throw."

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