Have you ever heard a cover that's so good, you just have to share it? Keith Urban knows the feeling. He says he loves this new rendition of his song "The Fighter" by Delta Rae — the harmonies are mesmerizing!

"Hey @.... I LOOOVE this take on The Fighter!!!!!!!!! - KU" Urban writes on Twitter.

Delta Rae interpret some of country music's hottest songs in weekly series called Top 10 Tuesdays. Here, the six-piece band put their unique spin on Urban's recent hit with Carrie Underwood while standing in a field, surrounded by sunflowers.

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Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes share lead vocals while bandmates Eric and Ian Holljes as well as Mike McKee and Grant Emerson provide striking harmonies. At the start of the song, a mandolin mimics Urban's impressive guitar skills while the band members stand around each other in a circle, singing the song.

Delta Rae hail from Durham, N.C., and recently released their debut single, "A Long And Happy Life." In an interview with Taste of Country, the band shared that there is much meaning behind the song. In fact, they’re giving a lesson on Southern literature — the song includes many titles that influenced the band’s guitarist, Ian Holljes. Inspired by author and UNC professor Reynolds Price, the song shares a title with his debut novel. Books by Pat Conroy (The Prince of Tides and The Water’s Wide) and William Styron (Lie Down in Darkness) also appear in the song.

“It’s absolutely a bigger challenge to weave the titles into a song and make sure it’s accessible and isn’t asking too much of the audience,” he says.

We Promise You’ve Never Seen a Cover Quite Like This!

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