Singer-songwriter Jennifer Knapp recently released a new album, and she has a music video for one of its tracks to share exclusively with The Boot's readers. Press play above to watch the video for Knapp's song "New Day."

Knapp's "New Day" music video kicks off on the other side of a rough night -- you know, the kind that involves drinking a little too much and plenty of regrets. Knapp’s gravelly, smoky timbre is the perfect vehicle for the song's lyrics.

“I’m gonna pull the curtain back / Let the light in / Baby, it’s a new day / I’m movin’ on, I’m movin’ on,” Knapp sings in the chorus of "New Day." “Tired of wastin’ time on what can’t be undone / It’s easy / Baby, it’s a new day.”

The words of "New Day" have a uniquely personal connection for Knapp, who knows what it's like to make major transitions, both in her career and her life. Prior to launching her career as a country artist in 2009, Knapp found a great deal of success in the contemporary Christian world: She released three faith-based albums in the late 1990s early 2000s. After that, though, Knapp took a lengthy break from music. In 2010, the same year she released her Letting Go album, Knapp came out as gay, which caused a public firestorm over her sexuality.

Prior to releasing her sixth studio album, Love Comes Back Around, in June, Knapp's most recent album was 2014’s aptly titled Set Me Free. Fans can purchase "New Day" and all of Love Comes Back Around on iTunes and Amazon; they can keep up with Knapp's goings-on via

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