My oh so random thoughts...

I'm addicted to boiled peanuts. I buy the BIG $10 cans found at the better Tuscaloosa gas stations. They only last a day. Nothing screams T Town like weekend breakfast at the Waysider. I wish the place was bigger. SHIPT Tuscaloosa grocery delivery will change your life. I was their first customer in Tuscaloosa. Drove through campus last night. Feels like the calm before the storm. Milo's Splenda Sweet Tea is a gift from God. Always get the mega-sized. Alabama's best song ever is Dixieland Delight. You have to crank it up. I only eat in Chinese restaurants where there are lots of Chinese people eating. Like
Mr Chen's in Tuscaloosa. Is there a Mr Chen? A big fan, a window unit, & central AC. And I'm still hot. Kenny Chesney plays the Amp this Friday night. Gonna be a big,hot,sweaty party. Babe's Donuts downtown has me cheating on Krispy Kreme. I'm a bad man. This year has been the worst for allergies in the history of EVER. I accidentally took Zantac instead of ZYRTEC. Web MD says it wont kill me. And finally...I like turtles.

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