Miami Dolphins rookie and Alabama alumni Jaylen Waddle will have his jersey displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to honor him for breaking the rookie receptions record.

Waddle passed Anquan Boldin's rookie reception record in week 18 when the Dolphins took on the New England Patriots. Boldin's record was 101 receptions, and the new record set by Waddle is 104.

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His week 18 jersey is the latest artifact added to the hall and will be displayed in a case next to Deebo Samuel's jersey in Canton, OH. It can be found in the museum's Pro Football Today Gallery.

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Waddle finished the season with 104 catches for 1,015 yards and six touchdowns, as well as a rushing touchdown. He was also the Dolphins leading receiver in yards, receptions, touchdowns, yards after catch, and first downs.

Waddle's display was added to the hall where you can also see Alabama's eight Hall of Famers enshrined in the gallery.

The last Crimson Tide alum to have a record-breaking memento placed in the hall's museum was Derrick Henry in 2020 when he rushed for over 2,000 yards in the regular season.

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