Country star Jake Owen made a stop at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater on Thursday night and talked a little football during an lively 90-minute show. 

Owen spent some time in school at Florida State before leaving to follow his musical dreams in Nashville so he knows a thing or two about college football. The singer didn't miss the chance to use his affiliation with the current national champions to make a connection with the pro-Alabama crowd.

"I went to school at Florida State University," Owen told the crowd between songs. As soon as the boos started, he followed with, "Hey, we kicked Auburn's ass though."

Owen also spent some time earlier in the day working out with the Alabama football team and said he had not seen nicer facilities anywhere else in the country.

The 'Days of Gold Tour' continues on through the end of October and will make plenty of stops in SEC country over the next two months.

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