Alabama fans were excited when they heard Kalen DeBoer would become the new coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. DeBoer is a well-known offensive-minded coach, yes. However, it was his offensive coordinator who had Crimson Tide fans buzzing as well.

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Ryan Grubb is regarded as one of the best offensive minds in football, and he has been with Kalen DeBoer consistently since 2020 but spent time under DeBoer during his time at Sioux Falls and Eastern Michigan before they met back up at Fresno State in 2020.

Alabama tried to hire Grubb away from DeBoer in the 2023 offseason before the Crimson Tide hired Tommy Rees. Grubb chose to stay at Washington, and it resulted in the Huskies going 14-0 en route to a National Championship appearance against the eventual champion, the Michigan Wolverines.

Grubb appears ready to step out from under Kalen DeBoer's offense and return to Washington State. Ryan Grubb is expected to make the leap to the NFL and take the offensive coordinator position for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Crimson Tide will look to replace their offensive coordinator position just a month and some change after it was reported Grubb would join DeBoer in Tuscaloosa. It is unknown if Grubb is expected to try to pull some of the current Crimson Tide offensive staff with him to Seattle, but some of those same staff members could be up for the newly vacant Alabama offensive coordinator position.

Grubb was seen on the recruiting trail for Alabama before the beginning of the dead period, but in the ever-changing world of college football, things can flip as quickly as a switch.

Alabama can't return to Tommy Rees, as Rees has accepted a job with the Cleveland Browns as their tight ends coach. The Crimson Tide will be searching for a new face to run DeBoer's offense.

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